Stony's expressive street art comes from the creative mind of a truly passionate artist who paints his 'diary on canvas' and strongly presents art at its absolute rawest form.

Stony grew up listening to and writing music, always knowing that it would be a huge part of his future.  He has enjoyed a successful career as a music producer working with many of the biggest names in the industry, from Pink to Kanye West.


His love affair with art began early on in life, and both the music and art have combined into artwork of great visual power and emotional impact.   Stony describes his work as his 'diary on canvas' expressing his mood and emotions through the very act of applying the paint to the canvas in response to his feelings and emotions.  His influences come from deep inside him and inspirations range from various genres in music to Great Masters of Art such as Basquiat and Danny Minnick.


In 2018 Stony was awarded the prestigious International 'Caravaggio' award 'Great Master of Art' in Milan. The Caravaggio award acknowledges Artists who are recognised for their unique artistic merit.


Nova Fine Art is delighted and honoured to be working exclusively with Stony in the presentation of his latest, and most powerful collection of work.